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Case Study - 'Johnnie' Johnson Housing Trust - Microsoft Tips and Tricks Training
 Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust

Even after many years day-to-day use of Microsoft Office applications, it can sometimes feel that you are not getting the best from Word, Outlook and Excel or that you may not have been using all the features available to their best advantage.

'Johnnie' Johnson Housing Trust decided to address this by asking Totally Housing to create a custom "Tips and Tricks" course focusing on all the little shortcuts that makes time working with Microsoft Office more productive and effective.

  Totally Housing designed a bespoke session using 'Johnnie' Johnson Housing Trust scheme information and data to ensure each section of the course was fully relevant to staff.


Tricia Grierson, Head of Retirement and Supported Housing at 'Johnnie' Johnson said, "This is definitely not a course where people attend and then forget what they have learnt  - I have already received invites to meetings, seen spreadsheets printed out on to single pages, been told, with pride, that they have done housekeeping on their emails and set up rules or flags."

As all staff had at least a basic understanding of Microsoft Office, we were able to incorporate Word, Outlook and Excel training into a one-day session, rather than 3 days of standard training. This enabled us to focus on areas that would help increase productivity rather than cover areas staff already knew.

Johnnie Johnson Course  

Carole Williams, Area Manager at 'Johnnie' Johnson said, "We had the opportunity to try different applications without spending too much time on just one, it gave us a much better overview." Carole added, "Having the opportunity to actually practice, and relate to ‘real’ work situations was good. The trainer was able to explain everything very clearly, even given the different levels we all work at. The session was well paced, relaxed and informative. I personally found the Outlook segment most useful and feel better equipped to manage my messages and folders."

  Jo Wragg Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust

Jo Wragg, Senior Administrator said, "The training will help staff to find more efficient and quicker ways to fulfil their roles.  Their roles are very diverse and involves a lot of small jobs and recording of data and the training will help them plan this work and also question how they currently do some of their jobs."

Jo adds, "The training will assist our voids and re-let monitoring, recording and matching of orders, recording of scheme information, general housekeeping – using calendar and Outlook in a more efficient way to give more time for other tasks.  It seems to have provided more confidence, with staff even asking about other functionality since the training."


Tricia Grierson, Head of Retirement and Supported Housing also said, "There was quite a mix of abilities in the team and this course has helped them to think about getting the most out of their PC and reducing the time wasted not knowing how to do minor amendments – little tricks such as using the format painter will make quite a difference to the way people work.  I think that it has made people aware of what they don’t know and wetted their appetite for further IT training."

If you would like to find out more or see examples of what we have done for 'Johnnie' Johnson Housing Trust, please get in touch with Totally Housing on 0161 401 5001.

Tricia Grierson Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust



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